The concept of personal boundaries has changed. As we progress in this new age our old ideas of individuality have to adjust, or rather, are being adjusted. Empaths have always struggled with separating their own emotions and physical sensations from those in close proximity. Going grocery shopping can be hell for an empath. Until now, we have been able to use various energetic shielding techniques to lessen the impact, and those still have value, but the new paradigm is calling for two specific practices: Awareness and Self-Care

When I say boundaries are changing, I really mean they are dissolving. It makes sense for our evolution. It’s harder to kill someone in war when you can feel their pain. It’s easier to control your negative thoughts if you know others can hear them. We will feed all the starving children once we can feel their suffering. But it makes life a bit overwhelming (and really loud) when we start experiencing others reality. 

Awareness is the first step. Know thyself and it’s easier to distinguish when you’re wadding in the pond of the collective. At least for now. At this point in history everything is subject to change… rapidly and without warning. But awareness (mindfulness) is never a bad practice, anyway.

Self-care is really the new boundary system. There is no longer a way to shut out other people’s stuff, so we need to know when to retreat into our own space. This can be tragic for caregivers and codependents alike. We like to think ourselves so important that the world will come crashing down if we take a few hours to be “selfish” and be alone. Arrogant bunch, aren’t we? Respect other people’s strength and know they can handle life on their own. Also know that caring for yourself is lightening the load on the others feeling the weight of the collective. Please take some time for yourself, for all of us!



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