The Shift

Everyone talked up December 21, 2012 like the world would instantly change in the blink of an eye. Apparently, that’s not how it works. It was definitely the birth of a new age, with all the blood and terror of a birth (at least on the energetic level), but it is now beginning to grow up and grow into us all. 2014 has been an exciting ride so far, with no indication of slowing down. If you’re thinking, “My life doesn’t seem different,” then just give it time. The next 2 or 3 years will bring almost everyone into the loop.

My experience of this shift has been mostly inter-dimensional. How do I know that? Because I spend a lot of time in other dimensions (Merkaba meditations, Shamanic journeying). To me, it feels like we are slowly ratcheting up our collective frequency by being bounced up to higher vibrations, then dropped back down to the 3rd dimension. The dropped back down part sucks. Have you had times this year when you suddenly feel like everything you do (work, family, buying stuff) is completely pointless, and like things will always be this way? Yeah, that’s coming back down to the old vibration. The nice part is the drop becomes less as the base frequency rises. Whereas, the higher vibration feels amazing – so full of love and vitality and passion for life. Always remember the higher vibration is where we’re going to end up.

Like many others, I had no skill set for this shift thing. Learn as you go. Sink or swim. Not pretty. The things I have found most useful:

Avoid Stories – This isn’t personal, no matter how it feels. When we make a story to make sense of this feeling, we claim ownership, and then it’s harder to let it go, because now it’s “ours”. It’s a collective shift, don’t try to own it.

Remember the 5th – On those high vibration times, really latch onto the feeling (again, no stories, it isn’t because of someone or something), and focus on it when the downswing comes. Up is where we’re all heading, and it helps to remember that.

Stay Present – The eternal now has never been more important. The past is rapidly slipping away, and the future is beyond our current imagination, so stay focused on being present. 

Happiness & Gratitude – Do something everyday that makes you happy, and really feel the gratitude for whatever that is. It doesn’t have to be big – sit outside and feel the sun, pet the dog for a few minutes, whatever opens (or at least relaxes) your heart. 

Change is hard, but once you are willing to let go, it gets easier. Trust the Path. 


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