Let it go

“The world isn’t made up of atoms. It’s made up of stories.” ~Muriel Rukeyser

The main function of the ego is to create stories, to make a box to fit our lives in. The thing is, the collective ego is dissolving, and our stories along with it. This can be absolutely terrifying, especially to all us control freaks. Most of us have our identity wrapped up in our ego, our stories, both bad and good.

We generally agree that our body dies when we die, and an eternal energy lives on. What we don’t seem to grasp is the ego dies with the body. Our thoughts are electrical impulses within the brain, and our emotions are chemical reactions, both functions of a physical body. All your pain and trauma, joy and accomplishment, arise largely from having a physical body, the part that’s mortal. Your true identity lies beyond your stories. It’s okay to let them go.

“But I’ve always felt ___… this is just who I am!” No, it isn’t who you are, it’s your ego identity, and it’s changing. Into what? Something different and less limited. Sounds good on paper, but who would you be without your stories? Instead of grasping at the past or trying to mold the future, just look at it with wonder and curiosity. “Hmm… I wonder who I’ll become.” Evolution happens, no need to get all wrapped in trying to force it or resist it. Just let go of your attachment to your stories, and let the process take care of itself.


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