Your New Heart Chakra

We are being called back to the temple of our heart, and it’s being remodeled. We have all heard of the shift from head to heart, from ego to soul, but there’s also something funky happening in the heart chakra. It’s hard to verbalize what’s happening on an energetic level. I get feelings and pictures, but no words. I feel like an interpreter right now. Here goes…

The answers are within. We’ve all heard this a hundred times. At this point we are being trained with basic behaviorism to embody this teaching: being centered in your heart feels so amazing, but the minute we look outside ourselves for fulfillment we are being slammed with this overwhelming pain and discontentment. This is one of the reasons there is so much flux right now in jobs, relationships, and finances. The minute you put your target for happiness outside yourself, it just hurts. A lot.

For me, being quite driven, I tend to avoid the present moment by projecting my awareness into the future. When I feel the discontentment hit I ask myself where I am, and it’s usually some imagined version of the future. Being present is essential right now. To bring myself back, I remind myself that I trust the Path, and that I am the most important person in my life. At that point, I actually feel my energy move back into my body from in front of me. Makes me wonder if people who dwell in the past would feel their energy rejoin them from the back.

Once I am back in the present moment, my awareness fully in my body, I can feel my heart chakra expanding. Not just relaxing or opening, but actually expanding. And changing color. This allows energy to enter through crown chakra, and then there’s this mixing of energy in the heart. Then I get the reward of feeling absolutly fabulous… for as long as I can hold it, anyway. Try it and see what it does for you.

Be present. Be grateful. Be.

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