Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius has a very interesting dynamic going on with individuality. The energy of this age liberates the individual, while serving the collective. Our current political structures tell us individual freedoms and societal health are mutually exclusive, but we are now expanding both at the same time.

As we grow and expand as an individual, we are adding light to the whole, aware of our unique gifts as they enter the world and bring us closer. Some are afraid of being one with the collective because it might mean losing their autonomy, but it’s quite the opposite. As we each become more us, we expand and connect to everything else. Everyone adding their own individual soul vibration to the complex tapestry of creation. It seems paradoxical in the third dimension, but it make perfect sense in the fifth.

Being more authentically you helps us all. No, you don’t have to run out and get a new job, nor do you have to commit to a daily meditation practice. This is a process of remembering and integration. What that looks like is taking a few minutes here and there throughout your day to reconnect with yourself. Just feel your breath in your body and know that life is breathing you. If you like schedules, do this around mealtimes, or breaks. If you like reminders, leave yourself sticky notes around the house. Whatever feels right for you. Just remember to connect with your own soul everyday.

For those dimension-hopping folks out there (you know who you are), you can simply tune-in to the frequency of the 5th dimension. It no longer requires meditations and journeys, it’s just hanging there, right within grasp. It’s becoming easier to function in this world while holding onto that vibration.

Reconnect and remember. As we each grow as individuals we add our light to the collective.

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