I’m Melting!

Quite the energy floating around right now, both beautifully optimistic, and terrifyingly dark. There’s good reason for both. The collective ego, and therefore our individual ego, is dissolving… or at least becomming more transparent. When viewed from a higher plane this is a beautiful becoming, when viewed from the ego it’s a terrifying end. There are many individuals and groups that have invested so much time and energy into their ego identity, that this is an incredibly painful time. If you’ve been feeling the suffering of the world, know that this is just a necessary transition. If your personal pain has been activated, bless it and let it go, as it is only the transformation of your ego.

Many people ask how they can remain open-hearted in such a cruel world. In the current vocabulary, “heart” and “emotion” are used synonymously, which isn’t the case at all. The emotions, the ego, and the pain body bring us desires and attachments and suffering, but the heart is separate from those things. Maybe we should start using the term open-souled instead. The problem is that language is so very limited, as our human experience is usually limited to the 3rd dimension. “Love” is often used to describe God, or what flows through an open heart, but that word is a pale comparison to what’s going on.

As you become more soul-centered, with less attachment to the ego’s stories, an entirely different vibration of energy enters the body. I can see how it is close to the sensation of falling in love, with the warmth and tingling and giddiness, but it is independent of other people, places, or things, and it has no fear; no fear of loss, no insecurity, no conditional demands of being returned, just a need to flow outward. As I said, words are a limited medium, but this is where humanity is headed, so you’ll feel it soon enough.

In the meantime, turn off the news, don’t buy into the fear, either personal or global. The ego is falling away. Let it go. Fighting to keep attachment to your story only encourages the suffering. 

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