Physical Shifting

Strange things have been happening in the physical body. It makes sense that physical matter would shift along with the energy fluctuations, but it’s still a bit disarming to feel it in your own body. Gaining and losing weight, sleep pattern changes, and swings in libido are all common at this point. The key to managing this physical shift is detachment – don’t cling to any one state, because it will be different soon. How soon? Sometimes weeks, sometimes only hours.

Along with this roller coaster, is a steady relocation from physical sensation to energetic transfer. We have become slaves to our senses, with all our cravings and desires (from sugar to sex), with our whole focus on physical pleasure to supposedly bring us fulfillment. We are now moving into a whole new relationship with the physical world, one of feeling on a more energetic, or soul, level. The physical world is no longer being “used” to fulfill our every every want, and is now becoming a partner in our experience. This means you will likely notice changes in how you relate to your body. Change happens. Let go of the old patterns and allow yourself to become something new.

One day you may need 9 hours of sleep, and the next need only 6 hours to be perfectly rested. One day you may want a hamburger, and the next be totally happy with veggie smoothies for every meal. I am currently recovering from a prolonged physical issue, and one day the progress is amazing, while the next day I can barely move. It’s all part of the shift. Don’t take it personally, or try to derive a cause and effect relationship from something you did or didn’t do. This isn’t “yours” it’s “ours”. We’re all going through this together. Shift happens.

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