We all feel the changes, both in our personal lives and society as a whole, but what are we changing into? We are becoming more ourselves, in other words, we are aligning with our soul’s vibration. For many, this appears more like a disruption, or tremendous loss, because they have been so heavily identified with their ego, rather than their soul. That isn’t a bad thing, it just isn’t who they really are, so the shift is more dramatic. Read my page on the ego here: 

Nikola Tesla had it right: Think of the universe in terms of frequency and vibration. The soul vibration is just different than the ego vibration. This isn’t a judgement thing, there is no good or bad here, it’s just different. The vibration of the collective is aligning with the frequency of the soul, and we are all joining in, regardless of our ego’s opinion on the matter. We have spent years building a self-identity based on the maya, or illusion. Now we are waking from the dream.

This all sounds lovely, and it truly is, but it is also all kinds of awkward. We (at the moment) still have to function in the 3rd dimension, even though we are energetically moving away from it. Don’t worry, the rest of the world will catch up quickly. I am on the front edge of a large wave, with the majority only about 2-3 years behind me, and the gap is closing. If you are right here with me, just know we are helping to pave the way, but we will be joined by the masses soon. It can seem scary and lonely, but there are many of us in this space together. Really.

So follow your urges to be more you… more open and honest, more loving and forgiving, more fun and lighthearted. This may take any form – more time alone or more time with friends, more structure or more spontaneity, whatever brings you into balance. As the vibration changes and the ego thins, the calling to be you will become louder, and the steps you need to take more clear. Allow yourself the room to grow… and become.

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