Let Healing Happen

When we heal on a physical level, it is easy to see the benefits, and we are encouraged by those around us. It lifts everyone up to see a physical healing. Why is it so different when we heal psychologically or emotionally? Two reasons: First, we have built our self-identity (our story) around our wounds, and second, we have gathered people around us that support this story. Healing an emotional wound means creating a new story. People generally don’t like change, even in the name of healing.

It can be a difficult process to let go of old wounds, not because you aren’t healed, but because you don’t know who you are without that hurt. That’s okay, you don’t need to know who you will become. Just fill that empty space with love, gratitude, and wonder, and the rest will take care of itself.

There are really only two root emotions which give rise to the full spectrum of feeling, and they are love and fear. Love opens the heart, fear closes it. Creating a new you happens automatically through an open heart. Focus on the good, whatever makes you feel light and happy… read a good book or watch an uplifting documentary; avoid the news and hanging out with negative people. Feed you mind things that allow you to open your heart, if only for a few minutes each day.

Be gentle with yourself during this process. Everyone is going down this road of emotional healing right now, and we’re all feeling a little tender. Be kind to yourself and others. We walk the path together.

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