Feel the Burn

The solar flares have been intensifying the work at hand. Have you been revisiting old wounds? As the collective pain body is burned off, we each get to feel our pain as it is released. For some, this started before this last full moon, others will just be beginning the process in the next few days, and it should ease up by the beginning of October.

The pain body is part of the ego, part of our current human condition. It has overwhelmed us, to the point some of us identify wholly with our pain, as if it is who we really are. The dissolution of the pain body won’t mean there will be no more pain, only that we will no longer identify ourselves as our pain. Pain will become more transient when we no longer grasp at it as our identity.

You don’t need to do anything special, it’s happening either way. You can choose to release your old wounds as easily as possible, or you can resist the process with all your strength. Your choice will change your experience, but evolution happens and we are all shifting together.

As the pain body is released, it will make more room for Divine love, a higher frequency vibration. So even when it’s scary remember we are moving in the right direction, and this is only a temporary chaos. Be gentle with yourself and others. Thank you for being here at this time to assist in this process… you are so loved.

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