Savor the Moment

As we just begin to stretch our new wings, and step into the beautiful and terrifying mystery of our own becoming, the radiant energy of the heart is almost overwhelming. Hold on to this feeling, tuck it away in your very cells, and know it is always there. There are some major shifts coming up, but know that this amazing open-hearted wonder is where we will end up.

Being fully present with this energy is the best way to encourage it, and will also help you find your way back when the world gets rocky. Being present isn’t even the right concept… You can actually develop a relationship with this energy, as it is a higher vibration of yourself. Yes, you are that beautiful. As the vibration of human consciousness rises and the ego thins, we will be spending more and more time here.

The hard part is that we aren’t there yet, and as the pain body and the ego dissolve, old wounds keep rising to be healed. It’s easy to forget this amazing energy that is you when old hurts surface. As the healing progresses, we are able to move through the issues faster, and spend more time here – deliciously in love with life. So for now, enjoy this beautiful moment, and remember our destiny is to become this amazingness.

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2 Responses to Savor the Moment

  1. steveS says:

    Sometimes I feel like you’re writing to me


    • nathaj says:

      I am, in a way. We, and our extended tribe, are part of the leading edge of a large wave of change. That’s why I started this blog – to let “the others” know they aren’t alone.


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