Be Brave

It takes courage to be who you are, to be open and greet the world with an open heart. Actually, you are who you are, the courageous part is sharing that essence with the world. Fear of rejection and pressure to conform have kept us from truly becoming who we are meant to be. This has left us feeling isolated and alone, under the guise of safety, thinking we can’t be hurt if we never share our essence. This is actually the opposite of how it works.

The ego is the only part that gets hurt, not your soul or true essence, and the more of your soul you let shine through the less you are limited by the ego’s insecurity. By sharing your soul with the world you break down the separation created by the ego, both between yourself and others, and also between yourself and you. You become lighter and more at home even within your own body.

We all have our stories, and other people play into our stories, but this is why we feel alone… we are just a bunch of stories bumping into each other at the ego level. We all crave the intimacy of truly being seen, yet at the same time we are hiding behind the facade we have created. True connection requires the courage to be completely open, to live the truth of the soul at the risk of losing the story.

It’s frightening to allow yourself to be truly seen. It brings up all the fears from the ego, and even past life trauma from persecution for being different. It can be terrifying to be open and honest, especially if you have spent a lifetime learning to censor your every word and deed to conform to a certain ideal. Just start small. Just love people. Just love yourself. You don’t even need to say anything out loud yet, just allow yourself to have the experience, now and then, of transcending the ego and connecting at a deeper level. Be you. Be brave.

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