Although the past few weeks (and two more to come) have felt more like a power struggle for some, the object has been balance. The balance of power within yourself, as well as between you and your world. Relationships have taken the brunt of this shift, because we are so accustomed to misappropriating our own power within them. No one has been taking your power, you have been giving it away. Taking it back will actually be a relief to whoever was carrying it for you.

Even taking responsibility for giving away your power is a perfect step towards balance. This can be at any level, from the abusive relationship to living in constant disappointment because you have made others responsible for your happiness. To some degree, we have all been hiding, all put our expectations outside ourselves. People are now waking up to the fact that it was easier to give their power away than to learn to work with it.

Along with owning our own power, we are also starting to integrate the balance between masculine and feminine energies within. The Return of the Goddess is making its way into our lives. It’s a lot to deal with all at once, but you are being supported in this process. It will get easier, and this is just a step on our path to balance. Be gentle with yourself. Learning to manage your own power and stay in balance is like learning to walk… it can be scary and painful, but it is part of our natural development.

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