Be Gentle

Instead of progress, do you feel like you’ve taken five steps backward in the past twelve hours? You haven’t. These fluctuations, physical, mental, and emotional are just part of the shifting energy. There is a big breakthrough on its way, and this preparation is simply allowing old issues to rise to the surface and be released, making room for the new. This downswing isn’t personal, so please don’t try to incorporate it into your story. Just let it flow through you, without attachment.

Now is not the time to berate yourself, just relax and let the energy flow. If you are tired, rest. If you are hungry, eat. If you are at work and can’t do these things, just thank your body for telling you what it needs. Don’t be upset that it isn’t full of energy for all your plans. Energy shifts as it needs to, regardless of our plans. This understanding is part of accepting Divine Will.

Be gentle with yourself and others. We are all feeling this, in one way or another. Love cures all – start by loving yourself, even through the hard times. This will pass soon. October 4th brings a big shift, and after that some much needed liberation and lightness. You are doing so very well, and you are being supported in the unseen world.

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2 Responses to Be Gentle

  1. Steve Sikora says:

    I feel like I’m being torn apart. I can see two very different aspects of me. The show and the inside. It’s hard to function on a social level and do all the necessary life things when all I really want to do is listen to mother’s rythem.


    • nathaj says:

      Integration. We are all seeing the glaring difference between our persona and our spiritual nature. The persona will gradually fall away, for all of us, and allow us to live more in tune with our soul. Let the changes happen, let go of your story. I know it seems like two worlds that can never reconcile, but balance and integration are happening in everyone. It will be easier soon.


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