Building Strength

Keep nurturing yourself and embrace this time of inward reflection. This downtime is building strength for a new birth – to become more you. Enjoy the calm before life ignites, and sends us off into a new world. This weekend (Oct. 4-5, 2014) brings in so much new energy, and the momentum carries us through the month.

Be aware of where you are now, in this calm, still place, and know you can always return here when life becomes hectic. Find a way to anchor to this space so you can find your way back. This may mean meditation, or a hot bath, or a walk in the woods, just do what you need to do to get to this place of calm. The shift coming up will be fun and exciting, but it will be easy to get caught up in the action and forget the stillness. It’s a dance – you need both.

No matter how exciting or scary or boring the ride may seem at times, just know you are right where you need to be. Trust the path. You are fully supported, and you are doing so well. Fall back into the arms of the Divine. You are so loved.

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