My Observations

Hi All – it’s just me this time, no channeling. I have been watching and experiencing, but no channeled information is coming through. There seems to be a common theme right now that I want to talk about, just to let you know you aren’t alone.

In the Bible, Jacob wrestles with God, and afterward is given the name Israel, meaning ‘may God prevail’. This seems to be what we are all doing at the moment – wrestling with God, in our own way. Everyone I know is in a mental struggle with a deep core concept. What is love? What is family? What is abundance? I am struggling with being seen and heard. It seems to be one core concept, with many layers to work through, so you may get an epiphany on one level, then dive right into another deeper level. It may seem circular at times, making you feel like you’re getting nowhere, but it’s actually a spiral unlocking layer after layer.

Our perceptions define our reality, so this struggle to redefine our concepts has some pretty profound implications. From an energetic stand point, it feels like the collective crown veil (the separation from our spiritual memories) is thinning. The more we dig into our beliefs and are willing to let them change, the more our perception can expand. Pretty amazing, really.

For some this is really painful and a lot of work. Be willing to flow. For others it seems like an endless circle covering the same old ground. It’s actually uncovering new layers in new ways. Try to enjoy the epiphanies when they come, and take the rest as an opportunity to explore and redefine a topic. And remember to look up. This struggle is in our mental field, more of a horizontal plane, but we are being guided and supported on a spiritual level. You can call in Angels, or talk to Guides, or connect however you do that. They are happy to help, and are eagerly awaiting your contact with them. So wrestle with God, struggle against your own definitions, and may God prevail.

I imagine things will shift in another week or so, and I’ll post whenever something comes through. Also, I’ll be adding to the pages at the top, so check there occasionally to see what’s new; you only get notification when I do a blog “post” but not “pages”.

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