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2015: Year of Empowerment

Just Natha here, no channeling as such. They (whoever they are) have been bombarding me with images and feelings faster than I can translate while in channeling mode, so I’m going to give it a try with my regular brain. … Continue reading

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Free Will

Yes, you have free will, and it is so important to use it now. Fate is also strong right now, so this is a time of true co-creation. The changes happening in the collective are underway no matter what you … Continue reading

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Open and Honest

Many of you are feeling a need to be open and honest, and this need will grow with time. Why do you resist? Because speaking your truth may leave you vulnerable? Because others cannot handle your honesty? Both reason aren’t … Continue reading

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Bringing in the Light

The energy is intense right now, and you will continue to experience these spikes for the next several years. Old coping mechanisms will no longer serve you. The energies you felt in the past were like waves rippling through the … Continue reading

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You don’t need to believe in anything you haven’t experienced. You only need to be open to the possibility that things are different than what you had thought. Certainty is the mortal enemy of possibility. Once you are certain about … Continue reading

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See with New Eyes

Don’t let physical appearances cloud your view of reality. You are all moving forward, the whole of humanity is evolving, and everything is on the right track. As the world is flooded with light, all the shadows are illuminated, to … Continue reading

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