See with New Eyes

Don’t let physical appearances cloud your view of reality. You are all moving forward, the whole of humanity is evolving, and everything is on the right track.

As the world is flooded with light, all the shadows are illuminated, to be healed and integrated. This is happening both individually and collectively. It can seem dramatic and scary, but birth usually seems that way. By consciously working through your own shadows, you are helping to raise the collective. We are all in this together, and you are completely supported in this process. You are loved.

As shadows come up, it is natural to want to retreat into old patterns of fear, but it really isn’t an option anymore. As this process continues, you will find it much simpler and faster to face the shadow directly, than to run from it. It isn’t something to be scared of, it wants to be healed so it, too, can return to the light. Embrace the darkness and flood it with your light.

Your old eyes see the darkness rising, but you now have the option to see beyond this physical existence to the energetic reality. Learning to use your new eyes is part of the process. It may start with focusing on the good things, or learning to forgive and release, and eventually you will sense the world through your heart. That’s where the light comes in.

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