You don’t need to believe in anything you haven’t experienced. You only need to be open to the possibility that things are different than what you had thought. Certainty is the mortal enemy of possibility. Once you are certain about something, you limit yourself to only that reality, your mind is no longer open to other options. The mind chooses a perception, and the ego works to support that perception, no matter what it is.

In this context, certainty means judgement. You use it everyday to define your life. The word “is” is a good example: This IS reality… That IS how it works… The world IS a mess… All of these statements carry a finality that no longer serves us. Whenever you use the word “is”, just finish the thought with “right now”: The world IS a mess right now. This leaves the door open to change, to the possibility of becoming something else.

Just leave room in your thoughts for possibility. No need to go looking for change, just allow it to move through you, through the cracks in your former certainty. This softening of the mental rigidity allows more connection to the heart. The mind has been the master for so long, you have forgotten it is just a small piece of who you are. Feel the world, don’t just think about it. Possibility presents itself constantly, just be open to it.

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3 Responses to Possibilities

  1. Carol Schloegel says:

    Allow possibility to soften my mental plaque and the creative power of my heart to recreate all those fear based ego defensive certainties. Renewed and blessed in LOVE recreating in trust and strength and beauty my next moments. THANK YOU!!!


  2. Hahaha! As the Jamaican taxi driver told me, certainty is the father of inhumanity!

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