Bringing in the Light

The energy is intense right now, and you will continue to experience these spikes for the next several years. Old coping mechanisms will no longer serve you. The energies you felt in the past were like waves rippling through the collective, more of a horizontal exchange. Now, new energy is descending from above, and must be handled in a completely different way. This new energy comes from higher vibrations, and must be incorporated into the collective through you.

The pain or discomfort you are experiencing is your own resistance. The energy is getting stuck in your body, mind, or emotions. This is because you are not used to dealing with energy outside of your own, and you are trying to use old skills. You must change your approach, and the sooner the better, for your comfort.

When you feel this intensity, you must move the energy through your field with intention and action. This raises both your vibration and your awareness, which are essential to human evolution. Take action with the intention of allowing the energy to flow through you to the Earth. Walk or do yoga, with the intention of moving energy. Sing or chant with the intention of your vocal vibrations moving energy. Meditate or practice conscious breathing with the intention of moving energy. Live on purpose.

You don’t have to do these things very long at a time, nor does it need to be everyday. Part of this experience is to also bring in awareness. Whenever you feel the weight or resistance or intensity, remember to take conscious action at that time. This will clear the energy swiftly, and allow it to ground into the Earth. The  more you do this, the easier and faster it will happen. Try to be a hollow bone, allowing energy to flow through you.

If you are experiencing this already then you are leading the pack. Others will need your experience and insight as they make this transition to a higher vibration. This is another reason to develop these new skills… you will teach others how to bring in the Light.

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