Open and Honest

Many of you are feeling a need to be open and honest, and this need will grow with time. Why do you resist? Because speaking your truth may leave you vulnerable? Because others cannot handle your honesty? Both reason aren’t as likely as you imagine. People are both gentler and stronger than you give them credit for. Everyone is craving honesty right now, and simply relying on the distance of social grace no longer serves anyone.

There is good reason for this to come to the forefront. This inner push to be transparent gives you time to practice communication before the telepathy kicks in. This kind of evolution doesn’t happen over night, but it certainly happens faster than you think it will. Instant messaging, the internet, increased ability to feel others, these are all in preparation for direct mind-to-mind communication.

This isn’t just about you speaking your truth, which has a value of its own, this is also about clearing a path for the evolution of communication. It is a natural step in the process. It is happening anyway, but being aware and working with it will make the transition easier.

Think about all the opinions and negative thoughts you have toward others, and then think about having all those thoughts heard by everyone around you. Then, you get to hear and feel their reactions to your thoughts. It could be pretty ugly if this change happened to everyone all at once. It will happen in stages, and in groups. Be forgiving to those who are not yet aware their thoughts are being heard. And be proactive about monitoring your own thoughts. This will become easier as the vibration rises.

Speaking openly and honestly can be done gently and with compassion, but this takes awareness and courage, and practice. When the standard social response falls short or feels wrong, take a moment to consider what’s really true for you, and share that. The world needs this now. As you move into telepathy, you also move into empathy, and heart-to-heart energetic exchange. Some days this may seem like a distant future, but the change is happening now. Open up.

You are loved and supported in this process. We know much is being asked of you, and we also know you are more capable that you believe. Open up, and let life flow through you.

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