2015: Year of Empowerment

Just Natha here, no channeling as such. They (whoever they are) have been bombarding me with images and feelings faster than I can translate while in channeling mode, so I’m going to give it a try with my regular brain. Good luck to us all.

In the coming year, which seems to have started in late October 2014, the main energy in play is the Divine Masculine, and the work at hand is power. Empowerment sounds all good on paper, but what I’m getting is a complete failure of structures based on misuse of power. I am tied to the collective, so I see how this works on individuals, not systems. So many people right now are playing the victim, to some degree, and this will come to a scretching halt in the near future. Again, leaving the victim mentality sounds fabulous, but what’s left is complete personal responsibility and accountability. Those things aren’t easy, especially for folks who have depended so heavily on blame and projection.

I took some online class with several speakers, and I found a very useful technique to avoid  victim mentality. I can’t remember who the speaker was, but he wanted this information shared. Thank you, whoever you are… Whenever you find yourself in an upsetting situation, simply say these four things:

1) Look what I created!
2) I am aware of my feelings and judgements about this situation, and I love myself anyway.
3) I am open to the perfection of this moment.
4) I choose peace.

Step one gives you ownership, and therefore power. Step two raises your awareness and brings in love. Step three allows you to allow the flow of life. Step four reminds you that you can always choose. Even if your wallet gets stolen, or you have a fender-bender in the parking lot, and you say these things through gritted teeth, it is worth doing. Once you get in the habit of using this technique, life really does get easier.

Misuse of power not only includes dominating others and playing the victim, but also any kind of manipulation or dishonesty. All the old tried and true methods of getting our way through passive-aggressive behavior simply won’t work anymore. Only complete honesty and integrity will keep your life moving forward, and being stuck right now will be painful, because so much is changing so rapidly. In 2014 the Divine Feminine taught us to open up to the flow of life, and now the Divine Masculine is demanding we stand in our power and truth.

Part of this power and truth is taking responsibility for co-creating our reality. Higher dimensional beings (Guides, Angels) are surrounding us closely, and eagerly awaiting our call to them. Seriously, they are very present, I can almost see them physically. Last year was learning to have trust in the Divine flow, this year is leaning to use our own power to reach the Divine. It’s like we need to make the effort to meet them halfway. They’re waiting. If nothing else, just ask (everyday) that you be surrounded by your Guides and Angels, and that you be open to feel their presence. You may be surprised by what happens.

I’m also getting that this empowerment is a step toward telepathy, because we need to be aware and accountable for our thoughts before they can safely be shared openly with others. Natural empaths are already hearing other people think, and it can be overwhelming. I recommend that you visualize yourself in a tube of light, connected at the bottom to the center of the Earth, and at the top to the center of Source. Let all horizontal connections to others go, and just focus on your own energy. This will help you come back to yourself.

So, the things to remember are:
4 step process to end victim mentality
Tube of light to bring you back to center
Actively develop a relationship with your Higher Guidance
My advice is to start immediately, and work with these concepts everyday. Maybe write the 4-step process on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror. Maybe make yourself a reminder angel to hang in your car. Maybe dedicate a piece of jewelry to your own empowerment and visualize the tube of light whenever you put it on. Make yourself some kind of reminder of these three things, because the world is about to get crazy and you’ll need reminding.

I think those were all the highlights… standby to be empowered.



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