Remember to ask your Guides, Guardians, and Angels to help you co-create your life. This is a peer relationship, not some deity archetype thing full of begging and groveling. These are your friends in the unseen, who have been with you on your whole journey, and they are excited to have closer contact. But you must make the effort, daily, to include them in your life.

The reason your effort in this relationship is essential is because humans are learning how to align their free will with Divine Will. No one can do this for you, not even your spiritual Team. You must take action, and when you do, the results will be almost immediate. Think of your Team as any other friends – you have to initiate the conversation sometimes to maintain a relationship. When they initiate the conversation you call it intuition, when you initiate it is an act of free will.

This is teaching you how to communicate, how to align your vibration to a higher state. It can appear to be a punishment and reward system, but I assure you it’s not. When you are in alignment things just flow, when you are out of alignment things get really difficult. No one is judging you, it is simply a vibrational consequence.

If you feel like you are having to put a great deal of effort into something, then you are creating only by your own will. If you feel lost and confused, then you are not using your own will. Co-creation requires you receive inspiration, and then act on it. If life is a lot of work, step back, call your guides, and listen. If life has lost its shape, then step forward and take action, even if it is just cleaning the house. Guidance comes in the still space between.

Remember to build this relationship with your Team. They are eagerly awaiting your open communication, and to show you how much support you have. This is such an exciting time for everyone, incarnate or not. You are so very loved.

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