Let go

In order for the new energies of co-creation to enter into your life smoothly, you must be willing to release your old ways. Old ways of acting, of goal setting and achieving, of communicating, of being in this world. The frequencies are changing either way, and resisting this change will only make your life harder than it needs to be.

Remember, it is a year of balancing action with intuition, your will and Divine Will. Listen to your inner guidance, then act on it. If you are just doing things for the simple reason that’s the way you’ve always done them, then you will encounter resistance. This isn’t the time to force things to happen. Only act when you feel your intuition pushing you to do so.

There will be waves of energy, as there always have been, but they will keep getting stronger, until they can be felt by all. At first, these waves may be overwhelming, but once you figure out how to work with them, they will be a blessing. This isn’t about relaxing and riding the wave on a raft, it is closer to surfing, actively utilizing the wave. And between waves, you integrate what you’ve learned to prepare for the next.

Let go of old patterns, and be open to learning this new way of being. Play with it, experiment. This year has the potential to greatly expand your life, but only if you stop resisting the change. Let go and allow. Listen then act. As soon as you join in the dance, life becomes magical. You can do this. You are supported on every level.

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