Keep your mind open to infinite possibility. This is the opposite of what the ego does, by putting experience in small boxes to define your reality. It is tempting to keep your reality small, and continue with the definitions you already have, but it no longer serves you, and will become more and more uncomfortable as time progresses. The Shift is upon us, and it will not fit into any previous definition.

Certainty is the mortal enemy of possibility. Once you have defined something, it can no longer expand in you consciousness. You no longer need these limits. Trust in the possibilities of the unknown. It’s happening all around you, you only need to relax your walls of definition to see it. At first, you will notice small changes, and as you are ready to open to the mystery, more will be shown to you. This will lead to spontaneous healing of every kind of suffering (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), and eventually integration with your light body.

Manifestation is happening much faster now than you have ever experienced before. Remember, all manifestation through co-creation comes through an open heart. Direct your personal will (mind) toward what you want, add in the feeling (emotion) of the result, and open your heart with gratitude. The frequency of the feeling gets magnified through the heart, and it returns to you through the open heart. Then just follow your intuition, and let the Universe provide the result. If you focus on gratitude every morning and every evening, you will soon begin to notice how your heart feels when it’s open, and then you will be able to consciously spend more time there. It is where the Earth is heading.

But all it takes to block your manifestation is the old ego-created box, the old definition. You can feel your heart close whenever you find yourself thinking, “But this is how it’s always been, it can’t change.” When this happens be aware of it, forgive yourself, let it go, and return to a place of gratitude. It will take some practice, but soon you will see results and have less reason to doubt. Just start with a gratitude list in the morning and evening, and soon it will become part of your normal thought process. Soon you will start having flashes of gratitude throughout the day, and you will be in love with your life.

We are here to support you, remember to talk to you Guides, Guardians, and Angels. With an open heart, you will begin to sense or see them. All things are possible.

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2 Responses to Possibility

  1. Carol Schloegel says:

    Thank you Natha for these wondrous blessings!
    Love Always, Carol

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    • nathaj says:

      As always, your love and encouragement are a blessing! I can’t take credit for the message, only for passing it on… through me, not from me. I’m so glad it resonates with you!


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