Keep Going

Keep planting seeds, keep acting on your intuition. This isn’t a time of instant gratification, but the ground is fertile now. Things you start in motion this month will blossom fully by fall, with some results happening even as soon as May, but you need to keep going, even without tangible results. Trust the path and act on your intuition.

These action don’t necessarily need to be big. If you feel a nudge to contact someone, then do it. If you want to compliment a stranger in line at the store, then do it. Actions taken now will have a long range impact. You don’t need to understand how or why, you just need to act on your inner guidance. Release expectation of what may come, and just act.

Part of releasing expectation means stop being hard on yourself. The energy is fluctuating at such a rapid pace, and with huge peaks and valleys. Listen to your body, and again, act on what it’s telling you. Matter is shifting, including your body, and letting it shift will make the process so much easier. If you try to hang on to a story and ignore your intuition, life will be painful. For example, if your story has always been loving steak, but now your body doesn’t want meat, you will have to choose to live in the past story or to accept the present as it is. Being present will relieve most suffering.

You are not alone in this process. Humans are evolving at an accelerated rate. Not everyone started at the same level, so not everyone is sensing this change the same way. It’s okay if some people still believe in the old paradigm and you can now see through it. They are evolving also, they just started at a different place. Don’t worry about everyone else, just concentrate on you. Concentrate on loving yourself more.

Your Guides are always eager to help, just remember to call them in. They are your closest friends on another dimension, you don’t need to be formal when dealing with them. Just talk to them, like any friend. You got this. You are loved and supported beyond measure. Keep going.

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