High Anxiety

The shifting feelings of anxiety and overwhelm of the last 3 days will continue for a few more. It isn’t just you. The past and the future are colliding – old stories with new. It makes you feel like there is just too much, but it is only a transition. Just focus on doing one thing at a time, and know it is enough.

As we have mentioned before, the concept of time is changing. Living in, and fully accepting, the present moment will ease this transition for you. As the old paradigm collides with the new, it is more difficult to stay present, as past and future are mixing, and it is easy to be pulled away from the present.

The stories are changing radically, both on a personal level and a global scale. Let them change. Resisting this flow will only bring suffering. Look at the future not as a replay of the past, but with wonder and curiosity. The future of humanity is beyond any current conceptions, so just be open to the possibilities.

Start with releasing your own stories, both of past experience and future expectation, and just allow the present moment to unfold. You no longer need to create a box to mold your reality, just hold the space and let it flow. Holding the space just means being present, not stuck in past experience or future expectation. Focus and breathe. Life will be easier there.

There are so many big changes happening, and you get a front row seat. Remember to call in your Guides, Guardians, and Angels so they can enjoy the show also. You are always loved and supported.

PS – A Note from Natha
Remember the blog posts are channeled information, but the pages are not. The page tabs at the top of the site are my personal observations and helpful information for the ascension crowd.

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