Individual and Collective

“There seems to be some confusion and resistance to the idea of becoming a collective, because it is assumed you will lose individuality. This isn’t true at all. In fact, the new energies of the Aquarian Age (as many call it) emphasize both the individual and the collective.

What you have been working with for the last 2000+ years (Age of Peices) is a power hierarchy being followed and supported by the masses. No individuality, no collective good, just social conditioning to encourage following a ruler. Really think about how important it has been to stay inside the guidelines, and not be too uniquely individual.

The new energy is exactly the opposite. Every person is being called to share their individual and unique gifts to support the collective. What you bring, you share with the whole, and everyone benefits. Only you have what it is you have, and each part is vital the the health and success of the group. Let your light shine, and it adds to the rainbow of color.

Changing this fundamental power structure means all the stories have to change. Money and competition only support a top-down hierarchy. The story and the very concept of money are changing. This will look very scary if you are attached to the idea of money, but it is only a step required to raise the vibration of the collective. The story of power and authority being separate from yourself is also ending. Power is personal, and will no longer be freely given away.

Every person is becoming more themselves, with their unique gifts. This also means every person is evolving at their own rate. Some are still deeply embedded in their stories, some are resisting their own changing lives, and some are embracing their new directions. It is difficult to give direction to such a wide range of experience. Just remember to listen to your intuition and your body (extra sleep and lots of water), and to call on your Guides for personalized assistance.

We are all in this together. As the vibration raises new “symptoms” appear. Just remember you are an important part of the process, and you are so loved.”

The above was channeled. Posts are channeled, pages are not. Feel free to explore the site!

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