Talkative Bunch

There is so much information coming in right now that I’m just going to write down the main points. Sorry, this one will be a bit choppy. Tune into your own guidance, because there is a lot going on, and it’s a good time to practice listening. The following is channeled:

“Your Own Gaia – Existence is holographic. Your own body mirrors the planet. See all the pollution outside? Are you polluting your body with alcohol, drugs, and substandard food? Walking in nature and looking at the wild animals there is completely different than going to a circus to see caged animals forced to perform for your entertainment. Your body is not a trash can, your body is not an amusement park. You can enjoy physical sensation with respect. Your body and Gaia are one. If you want to save the planet, start with your body. Treat your body as the sacred physical home it is, just like the Earth.”

“Ascension – Going from the 3D of physical existence and the 4D of time and space into the next step of 5D really isn’t that hard. It is about awareness. As you become more aware of the stories around you, you become more aware of your own story. As you start to peel away the layers, you become more aware of subtle energy. 3D is based on polarity (good and bad) and includes much judgement. 5D is based on unconditional love, so the 3D stories don’t even make sense. As you find your way to balance you will find the place in your heart where there is only love. Know thyself.”

“Masculine & Feminine Energies – Everyone has both masculine and feminine energies within them, and the key is to balance them. To begin, just think of your body as feminine energy and your spirit as masculine energy. You must tend to your own thoughts and emotions so they don’t interfere with the divine union of your body and spirit. Let go of all stories that include limiting beliefs or invoke limiting emotions. You can always change your story.”

Well, that was fun. It’s like they were waiting in line for their turn to speak. I hope you find this info helpful. Happy Ascension!

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