Shifting Energy

“Today the energy has dropped. For some it feels like rest, for others like the path beneath their feet has fallen away. Either one can stir emotions. It is through these dramatic shifts that the world is waking up. Be patient, it will shift again shortly.

Take this time to integrate the new energies. Just keep moving in your daily life, and try not to take any of this personally. It is no longer about the individual stories, it is about the collective. Some are greatly resisting the forward moving energy, and some are resisting the quiet places in between. In both cases, if you stay in touch with your soul, it is easier to manage.

It is all to bring you to a higher vibration, while remaining in balance. If you’re too busy, slow down. If you need to change your situation, change it. If you lack direction, connect with your soul and it will guide you. A daily personal practice is priceless right now, as it will be for several years to come. Call in your Guides, Guardians, and Angels, and do whatever connects you – meditation, yoga, painting, running – it’s different for everyone. Get into the practice of a practice, connect daily.

The energy is shifting around you, so let it strengthen your balance. You can then help others with this goal.”

This message was channelled, I hope it’s helpful.

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