Know Thyself

“It is time to focus your attention on your own soul. The path to the Greater Mysteries has always been to know thyself. Not your story, or your psychological blocks, because those are formations of the ego, and part of the veil of forgetfulness. What it means to know thyself is simply to align with your own soul vibration. That is who you really are.

It is time for the illusion to dissolve. For those strongly identified with the ego, this will be a painful process. Any time you feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, just know you are identifying with your ego, not your soul. It is time to consciously change your focus to your eternal self.

How? By seeing yourself from a different vantage point. Use Astrology, or Numerology, or Tarot, or Enneagram, or any of the many options available to give insight into your essence. Even if you have studied these things in the past, look at them again, for you are evolving. See yourself with new eyes.

As the ego stories dissolve, it will become increasingly important to constantly reevaluate your beliefs. Not just things like money and religion, but also things like time and death, that so many take as an absolute. Dig deep, question every assumption you’ve made, and question them again tomorrow. This is a time of infinite possibility, so don’t allow yourself to build a box to live in.

It is also important to be there for each other, to encourage and remind. There are dark days ahead for the ego, and all who are identified with its stories. Remember to stay connected, and spend as much time as possible feeling your own soul vibration. Meditate, run, do yoga, sing, paint, whatever brings you closer to you.

You are alway loved and supported in this process. Your work now is simple: know thyself.”

This message was channeled.

Notes from Natha:
Great books to know thyself…
The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman
Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller
Gene Keys by Richard Rudd
Astrology readings…
Vedic Astrology by Shannon
Western Astrology by Simon

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3 Responses to Know Thyself

  1. ordered The Life You Were Born to Live the other day

    and Gene Keys is next on my list!!!

    Thank you for bringing this message! ❤


  2. I ordered The Life You Were Born to Live the other day and Gene Keys is next on my list!

    Thanks for bringing us this message. ❤

    May I quote it? I will link back here (or whatever link you prefer I use)


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