Note from Natha: There is so much information coming in right now I will try to just cover the basic points. It’s important to note that I’m not special, and this information is available to everyone. At this point in the evolution of our energy field, channeling is basically like tuning in a radio station. The information is broadcast, and anyone who tunes into that channel receives the message. Give it a try – it may be easier than you think.

Here’s the channeled message(s):

“Fear and struggle are part of the 3D experience only. As you move to 5D, there is love and unity. Every time you are pulled into fear and struggle, know it is the 3D experience, and it is limited and passing. Learn to release the fear and struggle by reconnecting to your eternal self. Know they are just a temporary experience.

As you move into 5D, you move into unity consciousness. You still have an individual story, but you are tied to the collective. This is a give and take – the more light you bring by moving though your “stuff”, the more the collective benefits. Also, waves in the collective (both love and fear) will affect you on a personal level. Try not to hold onto those waves and fit them into your story; just let them pass through you.

Be willing to release both thoughts and feelings. Reexamine your beliefs and reinvent yourself daily. Be willing to walk away from what no longer serves you – not only relationships and jobs, but beliefs. You build a box with your beliefs, and you are outgrowing those boxes rapidly. Holding fast to an outdated belief will cause great discord, physical, mental, or emotional. If you aren’t feeling well in any of those areas, reexamine the belief that’s stuck.

Be comfortable with death on all levels: physical, mental, emotional. Death is merely change, and change is a constant right now. Be flexible, able to adapt, and the changes won’t seem so traumatic.

Follow your intuition. Some days you need to eat more, some days you need to fast, cry when you need to, walk when you need to. The shift into the Lightbody is a cellular process, and needs to be supported.

This time can be really exciting or really terrifying, and you get to choose how to experience it. Let change happen, let the Light change the world, and know you are helping. Be gentle with yourself. You are always loved and supported. And remember to call in your Guides and Guardians, who are eager to be of service. Release the old.”

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