Don’t Check Out

Ok, this one is a little different… I’m getting sensations and visuals, but not words, so I’ll be writing from my own voice. The basic message is channeled, but the words are mine.

So, the only words I get are, “don’t check out!” They are talking about mentally or emotionally refusing to be present. We need to be fully present at this time in order to anchor the new vibrations. It gets overwhelming sometimes, and being present isn’t something we’re naturally good at, but it’s needed right now. Your power is in the present moment, checking out is giving your power away.

Checking out can mean many things, all of which avoid being present. You can check out by being overly dramatic, thus living in a state of preoccupation with what ever your obsessing over. You can check out mentally by burying yourself in your work, thus being mentally distracted from this moment. These are both easy to do, and we need to check ourselves several times throughout the day to be sure we are grounded in the present.

Drugs and alcohol… let me just say this is NOT a moral judgement in any way, you simply aren’t present when your using substances of any kind. They remove you from being fully in your body, fully aware, and they hinder your intuition, which comes through the body. Yes, you can still enjoy your weekend, just know that the frequencies can’t ground into your body unless you’re fully aware. And it doesn’t matter how much more relaxed or creative you feel when you’re stoned (or after a glass of wine), you simply aren’t able to ground the energies.

Same with hallucinogenics. They are great to show you the potential of the human experience, but the point is to get there on your own, not to rely on a substance. Again, you can’t ground the new energy without being fully present.

Working through our psychological baggage is so much easier now than it was even three years ago. Patterns want to be released. Every time you release an old pattern, it creates more room for the Light. This is how we get to the higher vibrations. Take your power back, and consciously release the old and ground the new. Stay present. Stay awake.

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2 Responses to Don’t Check Out

  1. Steve says:

    Yeah. I need reminded sometimes.


    • nathaj says:

      I think we all need a little reminder from time to time. The energy right now feels really important… like anchoring it in our bodies will change our experience, both individually and collectively.


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