Step Into Your Power

I’ve been getting this message for a week, but whoever is sending it is a bit… brutal. The basic message is “wake the f*** up” and the details are pretty harsh. I just can’t see their words resulting in the action they want (unless you respond well to military school tactics), so I’m going to share their basic points, and then try to put it in a more human context. Please note They aren’t judging us, but wish to stress the urgency involved. You are very much loved and supported, it’s just time to take the action, to do our part.

Our inner guidance is getting stronger by the day, and it’s time we start acknowledging it and acting on it. Please remember inner guidance (or intuition) is different from a physical craving, an emotional longing, or a thought desire. In fact, in my experience, intuition has no feeling of attachment. Of course, after I get the intuitive guidance, I might go into a whole mental dialog… “You want me to do what? Really? But I don’t wanna!” Then I have to deal with my own ego resistance before I can act. Work with your intuition, be aware of the guidance you’re given. Really listen.

Step up!
2015 is the year of the Divine Masculine, so becoming fully empowered is at the forefront. Every time we ignore our intuition and justify our actions, we step away from our power. “I know I should sleep, but…” “I feel like I should fast today, but…” “I need to leave this relationship, but…” Every time you justify something against your intuition, you’re giving your power away. Start to work with this idea by being aware of when you do it, and how it feels.

Don’t check out!
Being present has never been so important, and we spend so little time there. We check out with personal drama. We check out with being too busy and over-thinking. We check out with television. We check out with drugs and alcohol. This doesn’t mean that you can never have a glass of wine again, it just means you need to be aware of how often you do it, and why. Everyone loves the studies about the health benefits of a glass of red wine a day, but ask your body what it really wants, and listen.

Your body is not a playground!
Are you a victim of the senses? Does your body only hold value to you if it’s giving you some kind of pleasure (food, alcohol, sex, etc.)? Respecting the body as a temple is two-fold: intuition comes through the body, so it needs to have a clear channel, AND subconscious beliefs are stored as cellular memory, so they need a clear channel to release.  Please treat your body as a temple. Do what it needs and asks for, instead of exploiting it for personal desire.

These have all been recurring themes this month, and I suspect they will get stronger as the year concludes. The Divine Masculine is about owning our power, and taking conscious action. It’s time to step up and do what we came here for.

*Side note
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