Active Surrender

“There is so much happening, at so many levels, at different stages in different groups. We will try to simplify as best we can, within the limits of language. 2014 was about surrender to the heart, feeling more, the Divine Feminine. 2015 is about taking action, owning your power, the Divine Masculine. 2016 is Balance of these energies, and 2017 is Union of these energies. Not everyone is at the same place, this is just the timeline of the first major wave of awakening. Some are still totally asleep, while others are already working on Union within themselves. Everyone has a different path.

At the moment, many are struggling with ego attachments to the past, clearing old beliefs and karma. The collective ego is now thinning, so those with strong ego attachments are in great suffering right now. The energies no longer support the ego, so their suffering will continue to intensify as time goes on, until they are ready to release attachment to their old beliefs.

What is ego attachment? It’s just a story you build your life around. An emotion is a chemical in the body that normally passes fairly quickly, unless you build a story around it, then it becomes anchored. For example, if your Father was mean to you at Christmas when you were young, you may have built a story about your Dad, about men or about Christmas, and those old emotions are triggered whenever you engage in that story. It’s time to release those old stories, both good and bad, to embrace the possibility of something new.

These old patterns will keep coming up, stronger and stronger, until you release them. Releasing them isn’t that hard now. Just be fully aware of the belief you’re up against, be gentle with yourself because it served you in the past, and simply decide you are ready to release attachment to it. It really is that simple. It may take a few times, and the releasing may bring up new stories to be released, but simply allowing the possibility of something new has the power to change everything.

This is active surrender. You need to take the action of clearing out old beliefs, and surrender to the possibilities, so the Diving can do its job. Every time you catch yourself thinking this is how it’s always been, this is just who I am, or I want things to be like they used to, just stop what your doing and take a minute to examine and release these old beliefs. The future is very expansive, and fitting into a small box you created long ago will become painful and impossible.

Keep doing your daily practice of connecting to Source, as this will soften and speed this process. You are completely loved and supported. Your Guides, Guardian, and Angels are always waiting for you to call on them. Be gentle with yourself, but also dedicated to the action of aligning with you Higher Self. The shift is well underway. Thank you for your service.”

This message was channeled, I hope it is useful for you. Blessings, ~Natha

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