Shifty Shift

This month has just flown by, and every time I get a grip on what’s happening, it changes. My sense is this speed and constant shifting will be the norm at least through the end of the year, if not well into spring 2016. I just wanted to share my experience, and the remedies I’ve found effective, in the hope it is helpful in your journey.

Physical shifting – My body hurts. I go from feeling amazing to having sever flu-like aches in a matter of hours. I swear I can feel my bones changing somehow. Sleep patterns are also completely disrupted. One night I get ten hours of sleep, the next I get four, and it has no bearing on my alertness the next day. Eating seems to be optional most of the time. I am very careful to listen to my body, and some days I eat quite a bit, but my average at this point is about 600 calories a day, and I don’t feel hungry. In fact, I feel better when I avoid full meals and meat. The whole experience of having a physical body is changing.

Emotional & Mental Shifting – Thoughts and feelings don’t stick around very long any more. I will consider a thought, or experience a feeling, be fully present with it for a short time, then it just leaves. Not like I am forgetting, more like releasing, and they are just going away without effort. There used to be resistance and struggle, and now it’s like I have a non-stick coating on my ego. Very strange. Then there are a few occasions when I completely obsess over something stupid. It feels like a rocking ship – obsession, detachment, obsession, detachment – like just by making that motion, constraints are loosened.

Spiritual Shifting – If you don’t have a daily practice yet, now is the time to start. The energy is amazing, so supportive, so clear. Even if you just do five minutes of prayer or contemplation before bed, it’s totally worth it to start doing something daily.

Parallel Reality Shifting – This one is way out there, but you’ve probably felt it. I’ll be doing whatever I’m doing, and suddenly experience it from a completely different perspective. Like I’ll be cooking dinner, and suddenly feel like this is the last food in the village, or like I’m preparing a banquet, and I’ll fully be in that experience for just a few seconds, then I’m me again. It’s hard to explain. These “present life memories” started for me last year, but now they’re happening a lot. It’s a bit disorienting, but at least it only lasts a few seconds.

Time Shifting – The only way to control time is to step out of the linear flow. Be fully present in the now, and don’t focus on the past or future. If you have a list of things to do, be fully present with each task, and don’t look at the clock. Stop focusing on time and there will be plenty of it. Play with this a bit, it’s kinda fun.

Communication Shifting – The truth just keeps leaping out of my mouth. My apologies in advance for the inevitable offense. Along with speaking the truth becoming the new norm, telepathy is making its way into the masses. This means that even when you try to say something nice instead of something true, people will know. Likewise, you will know when someone is being less than totally honest. Some of you may already be at the point of hearing others thoughts. That part kinda sucks, I must say.

So how do we make it through this shift? Be gentle and loving with yourself always. You aren’t alone, and your work is appreciated. Assisting in an ascension is a lot of work, and you’re doing great. Remember that.
Water helps  – Take epsom salt baths, and drink LOTS of water.
Listen & talk to your body – Eat & sleep according to your body, not habitual patterns.
Daily practice – Do whatever you do to connect to your own Divinity.
Community – Support each other, and get used to reaching out. We can live in different countries, and support each other with calls, texts, and emails.
Love & Gratitude – The more you open your heart, the easier it is for the Light to enter.

Hopefully, this will make all this shifting a bit easier. Namaste.

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4 Responses to Shifty Shift

  1. J C says:

    Very well put. The reality shift is something I have also experienced. But for me it’s more like I step out and watch, like it’s all a movie. Nice note to the world, thanks.


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    • nathaj says:

      I’m glad it resonated. Thanks for sharing your movie-like experience. This stuff hits us all a little differently, and others may be more observers, like you.


  2. Carol Schloegel says:

    So blessed to have your sharing! Have been missing you!
    Love Always,

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