It’s Time

” Your mission began when you were born into this body, but we are now starting a major group phase. You are ahead of schedule, so there will feel like a major division between you and those in the next wave. Age, gender, and location are of little significance. This is about holding a frequency.

It is time to flood the world with the higher vibration of unconditional love. For this reason, many will be finding soul family in many forms… soulmates and twin flames. This isn’t something you can look for. It can only be attracted by holding a higher vibration, in your body, in your life. Raising your vibration means dedicating yourself to your spiritual path. Not that you have to do a specific thing everyday, but you must contemplate and open yourself to unlimited possibilities.

Prepare yourself inwardly, so others may follow. You will experience greater and greater heart openings as you progress down this path. It will move as quickly as you can process it. Don’t get stuck in a story. Don’t be afraid. Unconditional love heals all, and you are here to heal the world.

There will be much human suffering in the next year, as they search for a place of balance. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the drama. Think of it as a natural disaster, like an earthquake or volcano. Lives may be lost, and it is sad, but it is shifting the physical reality of the world. Don’t be afraid. Fear closes your heart, and your heart needs to be wide open to pull in this higher frequency. Check in with your heart everyday to be sure it is opened by love, not closed by fear.

You are still human, so be gentle with yourself. You will still have good days and bad, and that’s normal. Spend more time outside, and release any excess emotion into Gaia. She can use all your energies (even “negative” ones) like compost to help her gain strength. Your connection with the Earth will heal you both. That is why you are here in the physical. We need physical beings to hold this vibration in a physical world.

Be gentle. Be open. Be love.”

This message was channeled, and received with love. Namaste.

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