Fast Track

It seems a good time to remind us all of this. The energies coming in are pushing everything that no longer serves us to the forefront to be observed and dissolved. Be willing to roll with this process, and release the old. It may not be pretty, but it moves fast if you let it. Love to you all.

Walking In Both Worlds

The following information is channeled, but written in my own voice. I am receiving pictures and feelings, but not words.

2016 is the year of balance, and we are on the fast track to get us to that place. The next month will feel greatly accelerated. This is a time of shedding old baggage, and keeping our focus where it needs to be – on Love.

First, the shedding of the old… They are being quite adamant that I emphasize this doesn’t need to be a struggle. The hardest work has already been done. Don’t be afraid of this process. Everything in our shadow is coming up to be healed, but it can do so instantly. No more long battles with yourself. Just fully acknowledge what’s coming up, fully acknowledge the root of the issue, and be fully willing to release it. If the same issue keeps surfacing, you either…

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