Stay Focused

“You are now in the midst of balancing your masculine and feminine energies within. Your feminine sets the boundaries, and the masculine defends them with conscious choice. For example, you set the boundary of welcoming only positive people into your life, and then choose to do just that, instead of being swayed by popularity or guilt. Free will is getting stronger with each conscious choice. Stay focused on your goals, and choose accordingly.

This isn’t an easy process. It involves breaking out of old programming, and shining the light of awareness on everything you do. You will occasionally slip into old behavior, and that’s understandable, just shift it as soon as you realized what happened. Don’t waste time on guilt or self-loathing, as those lower vibration emotions only impede your progress. Forgive your mistakes and move on. This will limit suffering.

In the next three months, as the disparity grows between the vibrations on Earth, it will become even more important to stay focused on keeping your personal vibration high. If you just ride the wave, it will be a rough ride. This is about choice, free will, your own masculine energy. Make choices everyday that center you. The world around you will seem like it is pulling you down, but you need to remember who you really are and stay focused on that. You will still feel the waves, but you won’t be submerged. As you feel the waves, avoid attaching personal stories to them; just let them pass. Stories only cause attachment, and make the discomfort last longer.

There are many changes coming, and what’s visible to the masses won’t be pretty. Remember the 3rd & 4th dimensions are collapsing to give way to the 5th. An old system must die for a new system to be born. Don’t be tricked into focusing on the death rather than the birth. Come to see death as a transition, as you will experience it in a more positive light. All death is only a form of change, and doesn’t need to be feared.

Timelines are coalescing and colliding, and free will is becoming stronger, but only for those using it consciously. People who are still unconscious and just living by their programming aren’t developing their personal will. The more awake and aware you become, the more you can develop your will, and the stronger it gets. When you are mostly living from programming, change is very difficult; when you are awake, change is just a matter of refocusing your will.

Remember who you are. Keep yourself balanced. Keep your will focused on raising your vibration. Your power is growing.”

This information was channeled. I hope you find it helpful on your journey. Namaste.

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