Heal & Grow

Well, this is a new one… I channeled a message in dreamtime, and now I will do my best to relay the info…

April is about healing and growing. That sounds lovely, until you consider the pain and patience involved. Healing means the wounds need to to tended, growing can be painful, and both take a great deal of patience. In March 2016, we brought in a great deal of new energy, and now that energy needs to be integrated into our bodies and lives. Be gentle with yourself.

Keep moving, but stop pushing so hard. Spend more time just being… being in gratitude, being in love. Just be. Yes, you must still move in the direction of your path, but you can’t force this process, and be assured, it is moving right along. When you plant a seed, you need to keep it safe and water it properly, but it will sprout of its own accord. Same thing with pregnancy… take good care of yourself, and let it happen. I keep seeing the sacral chakra, which brings forth the wisdom of the body to create and heal at a subconscious level. Let it flow. Be gentle, and be happy.

Also remember we are becoming a collective. When you process something, it helps the whole group. Likewise, not everything you feel is yours personally. Try to release ownership, and avoid creating stories to make the pain fit your life. We are healing collective pain. Making it personal when it doesn’t need to be only prolongs suffering. Also, if it triggers something from your past, bring it out and let it heal. Tend to your wounds. It is time for healing.

Seek connection with others on this path. It helps ease the integration to know you aren’t alone. There will be some rapid ups and downs this month, and it is best to stay open to your tribe. You aren’t alone. Seek connection with your Guides, Guardians, and Angels. You must stay open to your etheric support at this time. They have your back. Lean on them. You are not alone, you are loved and supported at all times.

Time outside in nature is always good, but this month it becomes mandatory. Connect to Gaia, let Her transmute your negative energy. Releasing your “negative” energy into the Earth isn’t hurting Her, it’s used as compost. We see horse manure, She sees compost. We see fear and anxiety, She sees potential. Make an energetic connection with the planet, and we all benefit.

Those were the highlights. I hope this message is helpful to you. Namaste.

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