Right Action

The following information was channeled, but written in my own voice.

As 2016 – The Year of Balance unfolds, we are being guided to refine our mastery of our inner masculine and feminine energies. This can be a difficult process, as most of us have been living in an unbalanced way. We are now being shown how to align ourselves properly. This may come across as a version of the old punishment / reward system, but that isn’t what’s happening at all. The old way of ego domination simply isn’t being supported any longer, so acting on ego-based impulses isn’t giving the old level of result.

In fact, depending on where you are in your development, ego-based actions may be met with immediate, sometimes harsh, correction. Again, this isn’t a judgement thing, this is a vibrational alignment thing. When your vibration is more consciously set at a higher point, then any deviation from that has a stronger reaction. The visual I get is of a gyroscope… when it’s barely spinning, it can wobble here and there, without any real direction. When it’s spinning quickly, it always tries to stay upright, even when the surface it sits on moves. People whose energy is spinning really fast no longer have the luxury of wobbling aimlessly, as their consciousness is always pulling then them upright. Sometimes abruptly.

The formula for balance is simple: listen to your intuition, create a space to follow it, take action in that direction.

Listening to your intuition is aligning your will to a Higher Will. The opposite would be to get an intuitive message, then choose to ignore it in favor of the ego’s wishes. For example, you are craving an apple, but apples aren’t part of your usual diet, so you just have a doughnut instead. Your ego insists the doughnut tastes better anyway, and you perpetuate an old habit.

Creating space is your Divine Feminine energy at work. This is mostly internal space, like in your thoughts and feelings, but it has an external component of time. So when you crave that apple, the feminine energy says, “We can make room in our diet for an apple. I honor my body’s requests.” So it creates a safe space within you to hold your guidance and intuition. Meanwhile, the ego is listing all the reasons doughnuts are better.

Taking action, within the safe space your feminine energy created, is your Divine Masculine at work. Now you go buy the apple and eat it. Right action is what it’s all about. We are being trained to act in balance, and in alignment with a Higher Will.

How do you know if it’s your ego or your intuition talking? Discernment. Ego work isn’t easy, but it is inevitable as we evolve. The sooner you jump in and figure out your ego, the better. This is essential, because everyone’s path is different. Some need to get that divorce, while others need to learn to work things out. It isn’t about good and bad, there isn’t a maser list of morality, it’s about following your inner guidance. Know Thyself, and bring yourself into balance.

Right Action is about calling us to act in proper alignment with our path. Some people have trouble getting the intuitive messages, some people have trouble creating the space for the message to exist and grow, and some have trouble taking action. We all have struggles, so be patient with yourself in this process. Right Action is being greatly supported, so don’t be afraid to truly walk your path. Namaste.

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3 Responses to Right Action

  1. Carol Schloegel says:

    Dear Natha,
    This is so powerful. I love the image of the gyroscope. It is so helpful and significant to have this focus on BALANCE with the feminine energy creating inner space and the masculine energy initiating the action as we listen to the Inner Guidance and make effort to align. THANK YOU! Carol

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  2. Hooe says:

    Super good stuff. Nice to be in alignment with our teachings!


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