Free Will

More and more I am receiving these messages as suggestions of vague ideas, rather than the normal channeling. I have come to understand this is meant to engage my free will, and to encourage me to actually embody these vibrations, rather than just be a conduit. This is happening to each of us, in our own way.

Along with this, timelines and dimensions are merging, and becoming more available. It can be disorienting, but coupled with free will, it’s an incredibly powerful time. Everything is changing, and if things in your world aren’t, then it is only because your stories are holding them in place. Right now on this planet, we have access to unprecedented powers of creation. Many who have never had the ability to see the future, or experience different dimensions, are now doing so regularly.

We are being given access to this new level of experience and information to develop our free will. Every action, every spoken word, and for some, every thought help to mold the future. Yes, this has always been the case, but now we can know how something will play out before we choose it. We are now in a place to choose which timeline we want to embark on. This is huge! Let this sink in, and really be aware of it in your daily life. Notice how, right before you speak or act, you can tell how things will work out. This moment of clarity allows you to make a choice, thus engaging your free will.

It’s a whole new level of personal responsibility, which is the basis of personal power. The vibration of the collective consciousness has raised high enough to allow for this shift in responsibility. Collective consciousness does NOT mean the masses of humanity, many of which are still asleep. It just means the bar has been raised for those who are awake, allowing us new areas to explore and new ways to expand.

It is also worth mentioning that you can’t exist on two timelines simultaneously. You must release the old, if you want to embrace the new. You must give up old stories for a new reality to form. Attachment is always a limit, whether it’s attachment to either good or bad, it creates a restriction. Obviously, attachment to the “bad” (pain, fear, mistrust) is what we all need to release first, but to be truly limitless, you must also release attachment to the “good”.

The entire world is in the midst of all these changes. Plan on seeing many cultural norms changing. The big ones will be power and control (religion, government, and money), which will completely change the way we relate to each other. This is already apparent in personal relationships, and it will grow.

As always, you are loved and supported in higher realms at all times. Please remember to call on your Guides, Guardians, Angels, or whoever you work with to assist you daily. At this point they are only a breath away, barely concealed by the veil. You are so loved. Thank you for your service. Namaste.

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  1. Carol Schloegel says:

    Dear Natha,
    Thank you!

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