Release and Receive

It has been a turbulent year, and the pace of change just keep quickening. Both internal and external, the ego shadows are being exposed to the light. It’s messy, on every level, there’s no doubt. There is no more room for denial on any level. If we even try to ignore an issue, it will jump to the forefront. Staying present with this seeming madness is our greatest challenge at the moment, but it is essential.

It sounds like I am addressing world issues, but the outer is only a reflection of the inner. All of us have come up against our own ego limits in an abrupt way this year. The only way I’ve found to minimize the suffering is to consciously release, in order to receive. Any kind of denial or avoidance only exaggerates the issue, until it can no longer be ignored. Meet these challenges head on, not covered in armor ready to fight, but stripped naked and ready to release what no longer serves you, to more fully open to your potential.

2016 is the year of balance which means we are being balanced whether we like it or not. It means our feminine energy of creating safe boundaries is balancing with our masculine energy of right action. It means we are resolving energy leaks, examining our integrity, and opening more fully to our mission. This can be a rocky process, as shown in the outer world, but it is a process of evolution, and can’t be avoided.

Change isn’t hard, but resistance to change is the issue. Release in order to receive. The only reason we hold on is fear of loss; it’s about grief and lack. Feel the loss, grieve the loss, and know that the space will then be filled with something else. The more adept you are with this process, the easier the next few years will be. Attachment prolongs suffering.

On the receiving end, there is so much coming in right now, all you have to do is open to it. We are ascending. The polarity of 3D Earth is dissolving as the shadows are forced into the light. The more you can release your own darkness, the more light you can hold, it’s that simple. The process of release is generally much more complex, but the bottom line is opening to receive.

Remember that your ego is just doing its job by resisting change, so be gentle with yourself during this transition. Self-care and self-love actually make it easier to release old patterns, because you are creating a place of safety and trust for yourself, you are building your own cocoon. We are going through all this as a collective, and soon we will collectively undertake the Great Work of all initiates.

As always, you are loved and supported in more ways than you may realize. Remember to call on your Guides & Guardians. Remember to connect daily through some kind of spiritual practice. Most of all, remember to laugh… joy opens the heart to release and receive. Namaste.

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2 Responses to Release and Receive

  1. Carol Schloegel says:

    Dear Natha,
    As always this is so helpful! And I’m also blessed by reading/rereading EGO and GREAT WORK. Thank you for your Light and Clarity in expressing all this great turbulent adventure!
    Your words give Light and Energy to my life walk and life thought.
    Loving you always,

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