Just Do You

So much is releasing right now, both personally and collectively. The darkness needs to come to the surface to be released. As we release old patterns, it creates space for new energy, new thoughts. If you are willing to release the old, the process is quicker than ever. We are releasing judgment and duality, and replacing it with unconditional love and unity.

To make this process simple try these steps:
Acceptance – Whatever the situation, from physical assault to someone cutting you off in traffic, it happened. From childhood trauma to chronic disease, it happened. No more room for denial. The event happened, but the attachment to the story can be released, once you fully acknowledge the event. Feel it, and accept it.
Forgiveness – Forgive yourself, and anyone else involved, including God. Forgiveness isn’t about justifying or condoning behavior, it is simply releasing attachment. You are not the karma police, nor are you in charge of any form of punishment or reward, for yourself or others. Forgive, and start with forgiving yourself.
Non-judgement – See the event or situation as an observer. Yes it happened, yes it hurt like hell, and now it’s ok to let it just be a story. Once you can view it with the detachment of an observer, you can shift the whole thing to a place of unconditional love.

In the next 6 weeks, the world may appear pretty topsy-turvy. All things ego will be shaken up and rearranged, both personally and collectively. The very best thing you can do, for yourself and the world, is to release and receive. Release the old stories and judgements, to make room for more light. Don’t get caught up in the drama of the people around you, just do you. The Great Work is done on an individual level.

Even when it seems overwhelming, it can shift in minutes, if you let it. Remember, ascension is happening, all you have to do is align with it. It may feel like you’re leaving people behind, but you are also creating a path for them to follow. You can only do your own work, and others will follow when they’re ready. Suffering is optional, and greater attachment creates greater suffering.

Remember you are loved and supported in this process. We are ahead of schedule, and all is well. Remember to ask for help, both from your Guides and your community, and know you aren’t alone. Feel the vibration rising?

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    Excellent points…FEEEEL the vibration!


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