Let Love In

With the amazing energy out there, it seems a strange time to post, but the message keeps coming, so here we are.

Let Love in, at every opportunity, on a cellular level. Stop being human for the next week, and just love. Our human side gets all weird, because human love is conditional. We are currently being flooded with unconditional love, and the message is to grab onto all you can. You don’t have to act on it or even comment on it, just feel it, and let it circulate throughout your body. Be Love.

What this means is, at least for a few days, go ahead and fall madly in love with everyone and everything. You don’t need to complicate it with a story. You don’t even need to say anything. Just gather the Love & let it flow. Don’t ask why, and don’t be fooled into thinking this Love is dependent on anyone or anything outside yourself. That doesn’t mean others can’t be involved, just that they aren’t the cause. The Love you gather stays with you, even as circumstances and people change.

We are like squirrels, gathering provisions for the future. The more Love you allow in right now, the easier the future becomes. That is why there have been so many shake ups this year, to make room. Every time you release (or are forced to release) emotional pain and story attachments, it leaves an opening for something new. Let this universal, unconditional Love fill that space. Love heals all. Let Love in.

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4 Responses to Let Love In

  1. Marolynne Webb says:

    Thank you Natha! Your posts have been alleviating some fear that’s being felt lately. Another good post today xo


  2. Carol Schloegel says:



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