Accelerated Reality

As many of you have noticed, September 2016 has been a strange one. Days are packed full and flying by, yet somehow we seem to feel each moment as a lifetime. This is the dissolving of the 4th dimension, holder of time and the veil of separation. It’s a strange sensation to live outside of time, but this is where we are headed.

With that, we have been collapsing timelines. Seeing a clear future has been impossible, due to the options collapsing into a unified whole. Individual lines are now harder to see, as the collective takes over.

The theme for 2017 is already coming in strong and wanting to be heard. 2017 is the Year of Union. The ultimate goal in Union is to unite your Higher Self with your body. True Divine Union. As we are all trying to catch up to this accelerated timeline, anything blocking your inner union will be challenged. Free will is still a thing, but choosing to stay in a situation that blocks your spiritual growth won’t be supported. The good news is that pursuing your spiritual growth will be totally supported, no matter how risky it looks on the outside. Follow your intuition.

This coming year of Union will bring change to all areas of your life – business partnerships, romantic relationships, friends and family – by either creating or destroying. Everyone is different. Some will soar in their new communities, some will lose many ties. If Union can only be accomplished by having you sit alone in a cave, that route will be fully supported. If Union requires you to be involved with a group, that route will be supported. Follow the path of least resistance… synchronicity indicates alignment.

Also dissolving is the grip of the ego, both personally and collectively. We will see a growing commitment to act as a group, to form solidarity. People are waking up from the illusion of separation. For some, this is a breath of fresh air. For others, it’s the end of their world. Again, everyone is different, we are all just evolving to this group timeline. Your individual gifts are vital, but your individual ego isn’t.

This is a collective shift. Be gentle with yourself and others. Be willing to change course when you feel it is time. You are loved and supported more than you will ever understand. Take a few minutes each day to welcome your own Higher Self into body. Be the change.

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