Pain of the World

It’s intense out there. Lots of purging on all levels. Don’t be surprised if every old hurt (physical, mental, and emotional) come to the surface to be released. Don’t stuff them back down… They need to be fully felt and acknowledged to be released. This started coming in yesterday, and will continue through tomorrow. The weekend will lighten up considerably.

This is helping us individually to make space for something greater. Your Higher Self is ready to join you, and just needs you to empty out and open up. Collectively, we are starting to heal the core wound of separation from Source, the fall from grace. This is a big one, and we are all feeling the weight of it, especially with our individual wounds open.

The very best thing to do right now is feel. Fully surrender to whatever comes up. Please don’t check out. Yes, a glass of wine (or 6) sound lovely, but if you numb, you can’t process. I don’t mean mentally process, I literally mean your cells can’t release the old toxins if you aren’t fully present. So many of us self medicate with “just one glass” or “just one joint” or whatever behavior you use as a coping skill, but the only way to release old patterns is to be fully present.

I know this is asking a lot, and I know it’s painful. Try some different coping skills. Epsom salt and baking soda in a hot bath and time outside in the sun are my two favorites. Maybe go for a walk, or create some art. For the first time, I don’t recommend meditation. They want you fully present in the physical experience for this clearing.

October will be much less intense. It will still be fast and strange, but if you can allow this healing now, next month will be easier. I am only seeing two days in October that really stand out (17th & 31st), so it’s looking pretty smooth.

So go outside, and feel the pain of the world. Feel it all the way to your core, and release it. Your willingness to feel this deeply is benefitting both you and the collective. Your service is so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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2 Responses to Pain of the World

  1. Jean Marie Marsden says:

    Thank you. The Epsom salt and baking soda bath helped some. Especially glad when feeling like this that (a) I am not alone in this, and (b) there are external forces at work. Trying to ride it out. I have a truckload (BIG RIG) truck load of stuff to do, but I can only lie in bed today.


    • nathaj says:

      Be gentle with yourself. The body is bouncing back faster, but it still needs downtime to integrate. We’re all in this together, and we’re doing better than we think!


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