In September, we had major timeline shifts, which many of you felt. We were being relocated to the timeline that serves our highest potential. You may have felt moments of being not quite fully in your body, even though you were just doing your daily routine. You may have lost track of hours, or even days. You may have found yourself in places without remembering how you got there. When timelines shift, our linear mind can’t quite figure the whole thing out, and tends to block what it doesn’t understand.

Time continues to misbehave, and each day seems totally filled. We are now “catching up” to our new selves. You will have new people show up in your world, and old ones seemingly vanish. Your life is rearranging around you. Stay centered as best you can. Be what you want to attract. Free will is still very much in play, so use it to align with your highest potential.

The only thing blocking us is ourselves. If you are unwilling to release old patterns, then they will stay. You have so much power right now. Choose wisely, and always choose love.

This change is more a mental act of detachment, rather than physical action. Take action in the direction you want to go, but just play with detachment mentally. In other words, don’t actually quit your job, but explore the idea. What parts are scary? What parts are a relief? As Yoda says, train yourself to let go of all you fear to lose. Practice detachment. The more you can uncover this fear, the easier it is to release.

The other way to see it is to let go of everything, and see what stays. Again, not in a literal way. Don’t tell your spouse you’re going camping for a week to find yourself, just to see if they stick around and wait for you. But mentally release them (and you) from all spiritual contracts, so you can both reach your highest potential. Too scary? Think about why there’s fear. Keep digging until it goes away. Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to release old patterns, but you must find them to let them go.

Attachment is a human thing. As we ascend to higher dimensions, our vibration naturally becomes closer to pure Love. Unconditional love has no expectations and no attachment. Human relationships require definition and boundaries, so human love is conditional, as it needs to be. Unconditional Love is more of a state of being, a palpable energy. This is where we are going, but we need to detach to get there.

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