New Normal

This is for everyone, but especially those just waking up. We are ascending to the 5th dimension. Gaia is actually the one ascending, but my work is with the collective consciousness of humanity. All life on this planet is included in this evolution, but humans are a little different. We have free will.

Think of dimensions like you were taught in physics. First dimension is a dot, second dimension is a line, third dimension is distance (or depth), fourth dimension is time, and the fifth dimension is beyond time and space. This whole process can be anything from disorienting to terrifying, as we move from our earthly, physical reality to something beyond time and space. Knowing what is happening is a huge help, because it gives context for the experience, and assures you it isn’t just you. It’s a real and measurable thing, we just don’t have the scientific means to measure it yet. It isn’t woo-woo or religion, it’s reality. Science will catch up in time, meanwhile, we need to fit it into our daily lives.

Beyond space and time… our perception of distance and time are changing rapidly. That’s a good thing. Email and texting is just a precursor to telepathy and distance energy work. Technology is simply a reflection of our spiritual development (evolution, if you prefer). Time no longer seems linear. Distance is no longer a factor in communication and connection. An open heart gives us access to pretty much everything right now.

The body… This evolution brings physical change. Expect changes in diet, sleep patterns, energy level, sex drive, and overall health. This is normal, let it happen. You may suddenly become vegetarian, then in two months desperately need a steak, then dislike meat again. Normal. You will also spontaneously stop unhealthy habits (drinking, drugs, sugar). Normal. Prescription drugs may no longer work, or be needed. Normal. Let your body change. It has its own intelligence, and the best thing we can do is respect that fact, and support its guidance. You are literally changing on a cellular level.

To highlight the physical changes, I will share some of my last four months… I used to have a pretty stable diet of mostly eggs and greens, but no citrus fruit. Just never liked citrus. Suddenly, I was craving citrus juice, and lived on mostly juice and dark chocolate for over a month (about 500 calories a day). My weight didn’t really change. Then I started craving meat, and was living on high protein for about a month (about 1200 calories a day). My weight didn’t really change. I made this swing twice more, and my body is very happy with growing health, but this is as far from a balanced diet as I have ever been. Sleep is the same, with periods of 8 hour nights, then periods of 4 hour nights, without much change in daytime energy.

These changes will also affect your relationships, because you may no longer want to go out for highly chemical restaurant food, or to the bar for happy hour. Also, sex drive is very much affected, which will bring all kinds of change. Keep really open communication with your partner, respect what your body is telling you, and remember that we each wake-up in our own time.

The collective ego… This one is messy. We are all opening up to feel the collective, but that includes the collective ego. All the fear, anger, and pain out there. It isn’t yours to own personally. That’s one of the hard things right now. We can feel the weight of the world, and our individual ego tries to make it our own. Don’t let it. Don’t become attached, just observe. It isn’t yours.

The big picture… This is a huge theme for the rest of the year. Maybe you are just starting to understand to connection between chemicals and health, or between money and politics, or between small action and world change. The veils are lifting. Everyone will begin seeing more and more. And just as you start to get comfortable with one new worldview, another curtain lifts. This is happening to all of us, and it is essential that we avoid blame and denial. Just observe, and integrate the new information.

You are supported, even though this seems new and scary. Your Guides (Guardians, Angels, etc.) are always with you, but you have to ask for help. No, this isn’t about the kneeling and praying religion teaches, it is about using your free will to unite with higher dimensional beings. I talk to my Guides, like I talk to any of my friends – respectfully and directly. “Hey guys, I need a little help here. Please let me feel your presence. Thank you.” Call on your Team. They are just waiting on you. Speak out loud for fastest results.

For those who have been spiritually preparing… Ground the incoming energy, however you connect and ground. Be open with others about your experience, because many are just awakening, and need community and guidance. It’s go time. Stand in your power, and give a helping hand.

So much is happening right now. Change is the new normal. Embrace your own becoming. You are so very loved. Thank you for your service.

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