Talk & Listen

As the veils between worlds thin, we are being asked to actively seek a relationship with our unseen support team. This includes Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ancestors, your Higher Self, and many others. This is also a great time to commune with Elemental energies, Gaia, and inter-dimensional beings of all kinds. But you have to start the conversation, and then listen to the reply.

Humans have an individual crown veil (ego), and also an inter-dimensional veil (space-time) separating us from everything else. Humans also have free will. While the inter-dimensional veil is thinning (in general, and even more so this time of year), we each need to actively seek communication and support from our Team. Talk to them out loud, like they are right in front of you. If you can’t sense a response right away, just be observant of what happens around you, and what thoughts come floating into your head later that day.

Listening can be a bit tricky, and gets easier with practice. But the talking part is just free will, just deciding to try it. Why out loud? Because it is time we recognize them as actual beings, not some imaginary friends. They are real, they are here with you, and they want to show you the love & support you have around you at all times. Use your free will to use your voice. Then listen to what they have to say.

Don’t confuse this with what we normally consider prayer. No cowering and groveling, they are your peers. Speak to them directly and respectfully, just as you would a beloved friend. And no wish lists – they aren’t Santa Clause, either. Praying may sound like, “Please help me get a new job” and true communication would be “I am really struggling in my job. Please let me feel your support, and show me what I need to see here.” Big difference. Then actually listen to the response, whether it is immediate, or in repeated clues. At that point, you again have free will to either follow or disregard their guidance.

Connect. It’s like they are banging on the door of your consciousness, just waiting to be invited in. The human drama is much less dramatic when viewed from above. They aren’t in the heat of it, so can support and guide with greater clarity than we have. Free will is a thing. Talk and listen.

*** Unrelated personal note… please vote. Not for any of the usual reason, but for metaphysical reasons. It is an act of free will and personal power. I don’t care who you vote for, who wins, or even if it’s all rigged, it is still a symbolic act of personal power. Whether you vote or not, consider it in this light, and use it to find power leaks in your reality.

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4 Responses to Talk & Listen

  1. Carol Schloegel says:

    Thank you Beautiful Natha Light Life Love Radiance for Listening and Sharing!!!!!

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  2. Marolynne Webb says:

    Beautiful Natha! Always love reading your posts and always at the right time ♡

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